How Is It ?

Monday, June 06, 2016

How Long Does It Needs To Survive

It was hard at the beginning. A couple of months past by and I still cant accept that this is real. One day I past by this blog on how to move on. The tips are talking to more of your opposite gender and give the chance they never had. It works! But I'm not completely moved on until the end of April. How do I know that I've been completely moved on? When their happiness is yours too. Whenever someone ever said her name, I would smile and said that she's very happy now. That's the only thing that I know. Last night someone just asked "would you still accept her if she ever come back?". My answer was "she won't. She's happy now with her man." But what if. What if she ever come back? No. I just want her to be happy. Being with me would never make her happy again. So the answer is "No." Duh, she will never come back. Trust me. I'm good at this.

P/S: why would she left me if she was happy with me? It makes sense, right?

Goodnight and Happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How To Be A Loser

I'm afraid of rejection. I'm afraid that i'll lose someone again. but we never now if we never try right? nvm, i'll stay this way. i really think that she dont even like me. i'm such a loser. shit. give me a sign please?