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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Jaga diri kat tempat orang, jangan berubah banyak sgt, tudung tu labuhkan. Kalau taknak dgr ckp i pun, dgr ckp kawan you. I tahu you pandai and you boleh habiskan IR ni. You always trust me right? So trust me on this. I hope you can have a better life without me. Maybe bukan jodoh kita nak bersama. Terpaksa simpan je angan angan tu haha. Sorry for being such a burden. Sorry for make you feel tired of convincing me to trust you. It's hard because distance sucks and the past experience really strike me to heart. I hope you will find peace when i'm not around. And of course, if you found my replacement, please take care of him the way you did to me. It's really a pleasure to have you as the sidekick. I can be the batman 😎 i hope he buy you flowers. I hope he hold your hands. Give you all his hour when he has the chance. Take you to every summit, because i remember how much you love to go. I hope he take you to the skytrex as you always wanted to go. I hope he can take you to genting as you love the outdoor theme park. I hope he take you to sunway lagoon as you've never been there. Take you for a swim every weekend, be your number 1 supporters, and laugh at your stupid jokes because i can never laugh due to it's not funny at all. Sorry for that tho. I hope he can always listen to your rants. Sabar bila tunggu you siap, sabar dgn kening yg buat semua orang pandang you. Mmg jealous gila ah senanye. I hope he can always be there for you. Do everything that i should have done, when i was your man. Take care. I never doubt about this; i will always love you.

Goodbye, as the hardest part of this is truely leaving you. Goodbye, as i can never be yours anymore. Thank you for wanted me to stay even the fact that i always be your pain on your round ass. Great job girl. Be safe and sound. Dont drink and drive. Eyes on the road. Beware of dogs. Make your parents proud. Goodbye :')

Love, Afique

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